At Louise May Laser and Skin Clinic in Adelaide's Eastern Suburbs (Glenunga) we help make permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation a reality for you using our IPL Laser treatment.

Be Hair Free.

  • From the face, bikini, arms, legs, back and chest.
  • Suitable for all skin types. The clinic uses several treatment heads with select wavelengths to accurately treat very pale to darker skins.
  • Not suitable for grey-white hair

Standard number of sessions required for permanent hair reduction is 6-8 with occasional follow up maintenance for best results.

At your personal SKIN ID consultation, assessment of your skin and hair type is done, with a detailed explanation about the treatment technology, expectations and any possible adverse skin reactions. An IPL/Laser skin test patch is mandatory as a clinical safe practice policy. Louise May strongly believes that safety is the number one priority when treating your skin.

Skin Complexion Perfection Rejuvenation

Be youthful. Be flawless. Be blemish free.

Medical IPL rejuvenation is Louise May's most sought after proceedure. Perfect for anything from a single spot removal to full face, neck and decolletage. Suitable for:

  • Age spots, solar lentigines
  • Freckles
  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea, red flushing
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Large pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Broken capillaries and facial veins

Laser and IPL. What’s the difference?

Open any magazine and you’ll be confronted with messaging touting the benefits of Laser vs IPL. So what is the difference?

Traditionally, most cosmetic procedures aimed at enhancing the skin have been performed with lasers. But as technology has progressed, clinical studies have shown that Medical Grade Intense Pulsed Light units are producing equal, and in some cases better, results than laser systems. 

IPL provides the flexibility of emitting light at a range of wavelengths depending on the desired treatment outcome and individual skin type. The Palomar Starlux Super IPL Laser/Platform offers both options, but Louise May recommends IPL because it can be customised to your skin type and concern. 

Palomar Starlux Super IPL / Laser Platform

Exceptional levels of safety.

Client safety is at the core of the Clinic’s philosophy. The state of the art equipment used in-clinic is of a medical grade, meaning it is both safer and more powerful than basic models. The advanced technology offers variable settings essential to accurately target the chromophore, ensuring desired results. The Palomar Starlux 500 used in-clinic is the most powerful IPL/Laser Platform world-wide and is well recognised for it’s numerous inbuilt safety features.

This state of the art Super IPL/Laser platform features an adjustable treatment head and customisable settings that allow your clinician to emit the specific wavelength of broadband light needed to treat your exact skin concern. A larger treatment head and in-built cooling system means it’s a safer and more gentle way to see dramatic results.

How does it work?

Pulses of light are emitted into the skin, which are then preferentially absorbed by the specific structure (chromophore) that needs treating, be this the hair shaft, pigment, or vascular irregularity, without damaging the surrounding skin.

For hair removal, a customised wavelength of light (selected during your SKIN ID) is pulsed into the skin, emitting heat (energy), which surrounds the hair follicle in the active (Anogen) phase of the hair growth cycle. This energy disables the stem cells of the follicle, preventing further growth.

For skin rejuvenation, the pigmented areas absorb the light and repair damage by lifting the superficial pigmentation from the skin through micro-crusting which sheds over a one-two week period.

When treating redness and veins the platform is customised to target superficial vascularities, which absorb light and heat, resulting in clearance of the vessels. 

What does it feel like?

The inbuilt contact cooling on the Starlux makes it safe and soothing. Expect to feel a momentary ‘snap’ (similar to the flick of a hot rubber band) at the treatment site during the session.

Most people experience a mild, sunburn type sensation and possibly some minor swelling post-treatment, lasting from 2 - 24 hours, but you can immediately resume normal activity. If having a facial treatment, chemical free sunscreen and mineral makeup can be applied immediately. Louise May stocks the Inika, Skin O2 and Eye of Horus ranges of mineral cosmetics in-clinic so you can experience how luxurious these products look and feel for yourself. 

When will I see results?

Louise May is always sure to provide you with realistic expectations from all treatments performed. Your results are dependent on the treatment type and the area treated, but typically you will see results immediately with progressive improvement throughout a series of treatments. Your clinician will discuss specifics with you at your SKIN ID consultation.

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