Your personal analysis.

The essential foundation for any skin treatment program, this one-hour analysis is performed exclusively by Louise May.

Phase One: Skin Intelligence. Your unique skin code.

  • Skin history and behaviour interview
  • Skin science – the Louise May Philosophy
  • Woods Lamp skin analysis

Phase Two: Skin Future. Your tailored program.

  • Personal skincare recommendations and application
  • Individual home treatment plan
  • Individual in-clinic treatment program
  • Follow up session (2-3 weeks)

Phase Three: Skin Testing. Treatment safety & suitability.

  • Where laser is recommended: Assessment of skin for suitability via an IPL test patch. This is a mandatory safe practice protocol at the Clinic.
  • For hair removal: IPL test patch to determine a suitable, safe wavelength for your particular skin and hair type. The selection of the Palomar Starlux treatment head is based on your result.