The Clinic

Putting life into skin.

Louise May’s unique medical approach to skin health has transformed her client’s skin with visible results since 2005.

Originally established in Toorak Gardens and now in Glenside in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, the Clinic’s philosophy is to safely action change in skin without harm, combining state of the art technology with non-invasive, clinical grade treatments and skincare, achieving visible, long term benefits and results.

Every skin is unique. It’s why each client enjoys a tailored approach, starting with Louise’s unique SKIN ID analysis, through to individual treatment programs that balance inner health with in-clinic and at home treatments designed to correct the impact of lifestyle or hormonal changes on your skin.

Client safety is at the core of the Clinic’s philosophy. The state of the art, medical grade equipment used in-clinic and strict safety protocols provide an exceptional level of safety and will achieve better results for your skin.